la cucina del cuore

A lot has changed; everything is NOI – which means "we" in Italian and in German, the word "neu" is pronounced similarly and means "new". That's what we stand for.

The NOI.start.

NOI is NEW. NOW. Always with a very hushed WOW! We are surprised ourselves at how small changes make a big difference. We have not only renovated our restaurant, but a lot of other things have happened, too. We opened the eNOI.teca, we perfected our pizza dough, we were promptly voted the best pizzeria in the province of Salzburg in "Der Standard” newspaper and won in the TV programme “Mein Lokal. Dein Lokal” ("My Restaurant. Your Restaurant"). Gault Millau also crowned us the best pizzeria in the province of Salzburg.

What is really different now? Quite simply: the ambience. The surroundings for your enjoyment. And the feeling. What has remained? The well-known NOI factor and the WE spirit. WE, that's Fabio and Wolfgang, and the whole team of NOI colleagues that has grown over the years who, together with us, are passionate about the "Cucina del Cuore".

We look forward to seeing you!

Fabio, Wolfgang and everyone at the NOI Team


Liebe Freunde der Osteria NOI,

lassen Sie sich am Silvester-Abend mit italienischen Köstlichkeiten und Weinen verwöhnen.

Wir servieren am Neujahrsabend ausschließlich unser Silvestermenü. 

Reservierungen werden nur per Mail entgegengenommen.

Ablauf unseres Silvester Gala Menü´s:

18:00 Uhr Einlass und Aperitif 

18:30 Uhr Servieren der Vorspeise

ca 22:30 Uhr Servieren des Dessert´s

Danach würden wir uns freuen, Sie bei unserer Silvester-Party in unserer eNOIteca begrüßen zu dürfen.

Mit kulinarischen Grüßen,

Wolfgang, Fabio und das Team NOI

Silvesterabend reservieren 


The NOI cuisine.

The world of “Cucina del cuore” is colourful.

The dishes reflect the climate. Spicy, intense, with a touch of southern exoticism and quite a lot of quality and authenticity. Because not everything that is new tastes interesting. And in our journey to the land of lost flavour temptations, we again find ourselves almost at the beginning of a new loop. Before a new, exciting departure back to "l'origine". Fabio tastes, samples and studies old recipes, we work closely with farmers from the region as well as with suppliers from Calabria and Puglia - and we browse through old cookbooks, look over the shoulders of the Italian "nonnas", and we also go on excursions. Sometimes to Milan. To Rome and Venice. But also to Friuli and Emiglia-Romagna from time to time. Often just to our own herb garden ...

Menu Sorpresa NOI

Let Fabio and his team surprise you with a 4-course meal!

4-Course meal € 67.00

Wine pairing € 31.00

Comincia Cosí

Comincia Cosí
Alzata di antipasti mistiMixed, variety of cold appetisers
€ 18.00 / € 32.00 for 2 people
Carpaccio di manzoRolled organic beef carpaccio with pesto, radicchio, black truffle & fonduta cream
€ 19.00
Vitello Tonnato „NOI“Tuna tartare with braised veal shank, vinegar shallots, rocket & lemon
€ 22.00
Farinata di ceciVegan chickpea tart with winter salads & smoked paprika emulsion
€ 16.00


Insalata mistaMixed, dressed salad
€ 7.50
Rucola e parmigianoDressed rucola with parmesan
€ 9.90

Pasta and Risotto

Pasta and Risotto
Cappellacci „mantovani“Homemade ravioli with pumpkin, parmesan & almond sage butter
€ 19.00
Risotto di mareRisotto with seafood, tomatoes & basil
€ 24.00
Pappardelle al ragù d`anatraHomemade pasta with duck ragout, chicory, Taleggio & black truffle
€ 22.00
Risotto “vegano”Vegan saffron risotto with artichokes, Obertrumer organic mushrooms & basil pesto
€ 19.00

Secondi di mare e monti

Secondi di mare e monti
Zuppa di pesce “colatura”Traditional fish soup with tomatoes, vegetables & anchovy crostini
Starter € 21.00 / Main course € 33.00
Filetto di romboFillet of turbot in Mediterranean artichoke stock with olives & Homemade gnocchi
€ 34.00
Impepata di cozze „a modo mio“Organic mussels in a spicy vegetable stock, with herbs & Panepizza
Starter € 18.00 / Main course € 27.00
Bistecche del giornoVarious cuts from the Dryager, depending on the daily special classic served with Mediterranean vegetables and potatoes
Guancia di manzo „al vino rosso“Braised beef cheek with butternut squash & red wine tropical onion confit
€ 29.00


Giro d´ italiaVariety of desserts – a jaunt through sweet Italy
€ 19.00
Affogato “NOI”Homemade vanilla ice cream topped with Illy Espresso Dopio
€ 6.90
Bacio al cioccolato “Tonda gentile”Piedmontese nougat chocolate slices with plum
€ 12.50
Torta di mele „vegan“Vegan buckwheat apple crumble with coconut agave sorbet
€ 11.00
Tiramisu “NOI”Dessert with mascarpone cream, coffee and Savoiardi, served with white coffee ice cream
€ 11.00


Sapore di AutunnoRicotta cream, goat cheese, pancetta “croccante”, radicchio pear confit, basil pesto, balsamic honey, fresh basil, Olio EVO & sea salt
€ 17.90
Gamberi ArancionePumpkin cream, wild-caught red shrimp, provolone, buffalo mozzarella, Pistachio pesto, oranges, baby spinach, fresh basil, Olio EVO & sea salt
€ 21.00
Carpaccio biancaRicotta, fior di latte, zucchini, black truffle emulsion, parmesan cream, beef carpaccio, rocket, fresh basil, Olio EVO & sea salt
€ 19.90
Nduja picanteSan Marzano DOP tomatoes, provolone, pesto, buffalo mozzerella, spicy Calabrian raw sausage, fresh basil, Olio EVO & sea salt
€ 15.90
Del CapoSan Marzano DOP tomatoes, Fior di latte, rocket, Parmesan, Parma ham, fresh basil, Olio EVO & sea salt
€ 14.90
Sapore di mareSan Marzano DOP tomatoes, salicorna, seafood, garlic, Lemon, parsley, fresh basil, Olio EVO & sea salt (Our seafood pizza is traditionally served without cheese)
€ 19.00
Calzone “ripieno classico“Ricotta, Fior di latte, Parmesan, salami, ham hock, rocket, Parma ham, tomato sauce, fresh basil, Olio EVO & sea salt
€ 15.90
La VerdurviolaPurple potato cream, fior di latte, grilled vegetables, pesto rosso picante, garlic, Date tomatoes, young spinach, herbs, fresh basil, Olio EVO & sea salt (Also recommended as a vegan alternative with cheese.)
€ 15.90
La MarinaraSan Marzano DOP tomatoes, garlic, fresh basil, Olio EVO & sea salt
€ 9,50
La Regina MargheritaSan Marzano DOP tomatoes, fior di latte, fresh basil, Olio EVO & sea salt
€ 10,50
NapoliSan Marzano DOP tomatoes, fior di latte, anchovies from Calabria, Taggiasca olives, capers, fresh basil, Olio EVO & sea salt
€ 14.50
FunghiSan Marzano DOP tomatoes, fior di latte, mushrooms, garlic, Parsley, fresh basil, Olio EVO & sea salt
€ 12.90
Prosciutto cottoSan Marzano DOP tomatoes, fior di latte, cooked master ham, fresh basil, Olio EVO & sea salt
€ 12.90
Salami MilanoSan Marzano DOP tomatoes, fior di latte, Milanese salami, fresh basil, Olio EVO & sea salt
€ 12.90
Diavolo „Spianata“San Marzano DOP tomatoes, fior di latte, spicy spianata salami, pickled peppers “agro dolce”, fresh basil, Olio EVO & sea salt
€ 13.90
Tonno e tropeaSan Marzano DOP tomatoes, Fior di latte, tuna, Tropea onion, Garlic, parsley, fresh basil, Olio EVO & sea salt
€ 14.50
La CapricciosaSan Marzano DOP tomatoes, fior di latte, cooked master ham, Taggiasca olives, mushrooms, artichokes, fresh basil, Olio EVO & sea salt
€ 14.90

We are happy to let you know of any allergens and the ingredients in our dishes.
NOI is also available to enjoy at home.


Table reservation & opening hours.


Pizzeria. Pasteria. Risotteria. NOI is quite simply an Osteria. We have the pizza Margherita, Napoli and Diavola, exemplary for all those who love the classic ones. But innovative pizzaiolos also come into their own; perhaps with a "pizza nduja picante" with tomatoes, mozzarella and spicy Calabrian raw sausage? You give us your confidence. And we give you time. When time stands still, then you have settled at our place. This could be due to the smart palate tickler pizza with a cipolla spicy finish or the one with spinach and gorgonzola. Or perhaps it's simply because of the warm welcome you get from Fabio and Wolfgang and their team!

Osteria NOITUE - SAT17.30 to 23.00
eNOI.tecaTUE - SATfrom 14.30

Reservations can only be made for the days that we are open, and during the opening hours listed above.
Reservations are only valid following our confirmation!



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