A kitchen philosophy of indulgence.

Osteria NOI

It is a mixture of the Nonna's secret recipes, modern sustainability and Italian dolce vita that Fabio packs into his creations. With many subtle details, well-founded, often almost scientific kitchen know-how and his talent for nuances.

So we invite you to take off with us, NOI, and to challenge and stimulate your own taste buds. Pizza doesn't always have to have cheese and tomatoes. And pasta can also be NOI. We are certain: good food does you good. And when only good products are use, only even better dishes are the result. That's why Fabio spends a lot of time checking out new and established suppliers, tasting them and reinventing Italophile delicacies. That's why you'll not only taste the sun in our tomatoes and the originality in our sea fish, but also a touch of innovation when it comes to pulpo & co. Add to this our incorruptible culinary ethics – everything is used, cooked and roasted.  This is how charming Italian-Salzburg delight joins the southern authenticity of nature. Enjoy your meal!



From pasta to pizza, from antipasti to bistecca – and from staying seated in NOI to enjoying homemade limoncello in the eNOI.teca! The best thing is to simply convince yourself!