The dough, the dough and the dough.


Every good pizza starts and ends with the dough.

That's why Fabio has now invested several years of experience from 1,000s of pizzas in his final dough recipe, which he now considers truly pizza-worthy, and therefore keeps it secret. We can only reveal this much – it's the flour that counts. And you have you start the process of preparing the dough at least four days before baking the pizza. In this way, the dough really starts to "rise". While the dough should be fluffy and thick at the edges, almost like a piece of pizza bread, it has to be wafer-thin and tender in the middle to set the stage for a wide variety of toppings. From classic with tomato and cheese to modern italophile with truffle and ricotta. There are no limits to creativity and variations. So, get ready for Fabio's permanent NOI.velties from the pizza oven!