The In.NOI.vations.

Design can also taste good.


Why do we say this? It’s a feast for the eyes. That's why. From now on, not only the tried and tested palate-ticklers will delight your senses at NOI, but our new interior design will also give you an alluring, optical treat.

It is a symbiosis that reflects our philosophy. Old wood meets trendy lifestyle. Just as we combine traditional recipes with modern interpretation. The combination creates excitement and new taste sensations. It is important that the feeling is right, the feel-good atmosphere and the ambience.

NOI tableware. The best olive oil that tastes of the south, our own NOI salt and home-baked bread to start, presented on the finest white cloth, with fine glasses and plates that always match the dishes. For only when the sensory circle is complete, is the idea a success. So, on that note, enjoy!