The NOI Team.

Fabio, Wolfgang and Team


NOI has not only become NEW, but also bigger. WE are now a team. In the kitchen, in service and in wine & sales.

At the head of our kitchen crew, and thus clearly the creative, culinary mastermind, is still Fabio, who has achieved the quality of his cuisine to where he always wanted it to be. His credo is simply this striving for that little bit more, for the extraordinary, and the uniqueness that conjures up InNOIvations from delicacies. But culinary delights are always teamwork. Every hand counts – just like every idea, every seasoning, every flavour combination and every fresh vision. That's why we are happy to have energetic support in the kitchen from our team of 4, who enthusiastically assist Fabio.



Wolfgang is our wining and dining expert. He guides you through our Italophile culinary journey, advises you on wine and food and tells you many a story along the way. First a light Soave NOI, then a strong red from the cuveé from the southernmost tip of Italy. Doesn’t it bring back memories of relaxing in the sunset? Most probably. Supported by our 4-person service team, all of them vinophiles and Italo-freaks, we not only conjure up the finest culinary experiences for you, but also entertain you with all kinds of stories.